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Keep insects, spiders and other pests out of your home by scheduling a pest control appointment through Eco-Home Solutions LLC today. We treat for ants, bees, hornets, millipedes, spiders and wasps. Call our office in Capon Bridge, WV & Winchester, VA now to start pest control treatments for your home.

3 reasons to take rodent control seriously

3 reasons to take rodent control seriously

It's easy to focus your concern on pests with venomous bites and stings, but some of the most dangerous and tenacious pests we deal with are rats and mice. If you've seen droppings or chew marks around your home, call Eco-Home Solutions to set up rodent control services immediately. Rats and mice can:

  1. Spread disease: Rats carry diseases, including the potentially deadly respiratory disease Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.
  2. Cause destruction: Rodents can destroy furniture, electrical wiring and even chew through plastic storage tubs.
  3. Invite other pests:Mice can carry fleas and attract snakes into your home.
We offer rodent control services in Capon Bridge, West Virginia & Winchester, VA and the surrounding area. Call today to rid your home of rats and mice.